Summer’s Here! Don’t Forget Your Stove: Essential Maintenance and Safety Reminders

As the warm weather arrives, our focus naturally shifts away from crackling fires. But before you completely forget about your beloved stove, take a moment for some essential summer maintenance and safety checks. Here at The Oxfordshire Stove Company, we want to ensure your stove stays in tip-top condition, ready to provide warmth and comfort when the colder months return.

Maintenance Matters:

  • Clean Sweep: A clean chimney is a safe chimney. Schedule a professional chimney sweep to remove any soot or creosote build up that may have accumulated during winter use. This prevents chimney fires and ensures optimal performance next season.

  • Ash Away: Remove any leftover ashes from the firebox and ash pan. Dispose of them properly in a metal container with a tight-fitting lid, placed away from flammable materials.

  • Deep Clean: Give your stove a thorough cleaning. Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth (consult your stove’s manual for specific cleaning instructions). Remove any soot or debris from the glass door (commercial stove glass cleaner works wonders!).

  • Inspection Time: Take a close look at your stove’s gaskets and seals. Look for cracks, tears, or deterioration. Replace any damaged components to ensure proper airflow and efficient burning.

Summer Safety Reminders:

  • Flue Check: Make sure your chimney flue is fully open. A closed flue during the summer can trap moisture inside the chimney, leading to rust and deterioration.

  • Bird Blockers: Consider installing a chimney cap or bird guard to prevent birds from nesting inside the flue. Blockages can hinder airflow and pose a fire hazard.

  • Storage Savvy: Store any leftover firewood in a dry, well-ventilated area. This prevents moisture buildup and ensures it’s properly seasoned for next winter.

  • Keep it Clear: Maintain a safe distance around your stove. Remove any flammable materials, like furniture or decorations, that may have been placed close by during the winter months.

By following these simple maintenance and safety tips, you can ensure your stove is ready to provide warmth and comfort when the colder weather returns. Remember, a well-maintained stove is a safe and efficient stove!

Want to Learn More?

The Oxfordshire Stove Company offers a wide range of professional chimney and stove servicing options. We can also help you find the perfect replacement parts for your stove. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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